We’ve been supplying domains since 1999 and running colocation data centres since 2009, so we’re well equipped to help businesses and developers register and maintain their mission critical domains.

As well as your domain registration, you will also receive:

  • an online control panel to manage your domains
  • free web and email forwarding
  • free DNS zone file hosting
  • automatic renewals
  • the ability to register domains from 1-10 years
  • 24/7 access to our team of techies
  • competitive pricing for domain registration and renewals
Bulk registration specialists

When we first opened in 1999, we specialised in professional bulk domain registration. And we’re still one of the leading business domain registrars in the UK.

  • No hidden charges in domain reg fees
  • 24/7 telephone and email support
  • Online control panel - manage 1-100 domains

Click Here for bulk Domain Registrations.

“I TLD you to register all of them!”

TLD (Top Level Domains) help people identify which country or organisation your business represents. If you’re investing time, energy and money into a new business venture or website, you’ll want to register as many relevant TLDs as possible.

The table to the right is a list of the most popular TLDs. If you have an unusual TLD you want to register that you can’t see online just give us a call. It’s all part of the 4D Hosting domain registration service.

TLDMin. PeriodMax. PeriodPrice per yearPrice inc VAT
.uk 1 year 10 years £7.99 £9.59 1 year 10 years £7.99 £9.59
.com 1 year 10 years £10.99 £13.19
.london 1 year 10 years £44.99 £53.99
.net 1 year 10 years £15.99 £19.19
.org 1 year 10 years £15.99 £19.19
.info 1 year 10 years £15.99 £19.19
.biz 1 year 10 years £15.99 £19.19 1 year 10 years £7.99 £9.59 1 year 10 years £7.99 £9.59 1 year 10 years £7.99 £9.59 1 year 10 years £44.99 £53.99 1 year 10 years £44.99 £53.99 1 year 10 years £7.99 £9.59
.co 1 year 10 years £29.99 £35.99
.name 1 year 10 years £10.99 £13.19
Free .UK transfers

Got lots of UK domains but hate your current provider? (We bet they gave you better support 5 years ago). Luckily you can move them over to 4D Hosting for free.

We’re an independent ISP that’s run by geeks for geeks and businesses. That means our support only gets better with time.

Extra stuff you get as standard

Even if you don’t need or understand all this stuff, trust us, it’ll be useful to you one day:

  • Web forwarding
  • Unlimited email forwarding
  • Catch-all email forwarding
  • Full DNS zone file management
  • Name Server management
  • WHOIS opt-out for all domains (.uk, .com, .net, etc)
  • Domains and registrar locking
Proper domain technical support

Back in 1999 we did all our technical support over the telephone by someone who wasn't reading off a script (old school style).

Fast forward 15 years and we now have a ticketing system as well. But if you want to talk to a human being (and a knowledgeable one at that), 4D Hosting can help.

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