Becoming a reseller is a great way to quickly start a hosting business. The platform with its configuration and built-in resilience are already in place, keeping your capital investment at £0. Once purchased, your resources are immediately ready to sell. If you have already designed and built your website, you can host it within your allocation at no extra cost. When purchasing a reseller account from 4D, you will also be able to use a number of our powerful web apps to boost your website and help you get a strong hold in your area of the market.

Reselling web hosting helps to generate recurring revenue streams. Once you have sold web space to a customer, particularly if they have also purchased a domain from you, you will find that customer will likely stay with you year on year as long as your uptime remains high and your prices stay competitive. When reselling at 4D, there are no limitations on how much markup you can charge. This enables you to be as competitive in your pricing as you like to stand out against your rivals. You can also set up your own hosting packages to enable you to sell what you want within your own model.

An important consideration when becoming a reseller is to make sure your customers aren’t aware that you are reselling. This can reduce your popularity in the market. Fortunately white labelling is available from most suppliers (including 4D). This means that when one of your customers needs to access their control panel, databases or webmail, they will be taken to a website that has a neutral theme and doesn’t reflect the supplier in any way. You can also set up web forwarding to use your own domain name for the white label pages.

When reselling web hosting, the chances that your customers won’t encounter any issues at all are very slim. The beauty of reselling is that you can call up a helpdesk 24/7 to assist you when you run out of ideas. This means that you don’t need to be an expert in web hosting to start providing this service and reduces the time it would take to prepare for such an undertaking if you were to build your own hosting platform from scratch.


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