Meet the Team


David Barker

Founder and Technical Director

I’m the Doogie Howser of the hosting world, having started 4D when I was just 15. Selling dedicated servers to blue chip companies at 17 was a challenge but somehow I did it. Over the years I expanded the business into domain registration, reseller accounts, reselling colocation and becoming an ISP. In 2007, with some financial help from Keith, we bought our first data centre in Surrey, allowing us to have complete control over our hosting platform. I now spend most of my time troubleshooting only the most complicated technical issues, making me more of a Dr House than Dr Howser.

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Jack Bedell-Pearce

Managing Director

Much like David I’m something of an entrepreneur having started and run two businesses (including 4D) over the past eight years. Prior to that I worked as an IT Management Consultant and Ad Man. Remember the black and white Guinness adverts? I didn’t make them. For fun, I self-taught and performed magic at my son’s third birthday. I also love making epic spreadsheets, creating meeting agendas and talking at length about data centre mechanical and electrical systems. My friends and family are glad I also do magic.

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Keith Bedell-Pearce


I’ve been closely involved in computing since the late 1960s (yes, there were computers back then), though programming involved feeding punched cards into a PC (known in those days quaintly as a “mainframe”) bigger than a garage. More recently I was the first chairman of Directgov and am an Honorary Professor and Treasurer at the University of Warwick. As the Chairman of 4D (or “The Money” as Jack and David call me behind my back), I offer strategic advice to Jack (“Magic? Don’t give up the day job”) and technical advice to David, but only when punched cards are involved.

Tina Reilly

Finance Director

I have worked in a variety of management and operational roles in both large and small organisations and am a member of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA). As head of finance, I oversee all the financial aspects of the business, working closely with the board, departments, suppliers and clients. My broad experience of different industries helps me to meet the financial needs of our clients.

Senior Techs

Steve Lawrence

Head of Technical Operations and Development

Nootropics buff Steve here! Before I worked for 4D I owned my own IT and web design business. Owning a business was great, but I learnt that I preferred my weekends without stress. I eat, sleep and dream in code and enjoy staying at the edge of technology.

I have worked in IT for over 15 years now and my first job was in network cabling. Since then I have been MCSE-certified. For a while I worked within UCL’s research department where I learnt sign language and lots about psychology. I was 4D’s first employee and have seen the company grow into a highly professional, fast-growth enterprise. It’s a great place to work.

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Ian Dorrell

Development Project Manager

I have been working at 4D since 2009 from junior support to management and now senior development. Before joining I’d worked every job imaginable from Wine Advisor to builder, mechanic, postman, even sunglasses packer! - Some good experiences and some bad but essentially they all provided me with some very valuable work and life experiences. I’ve led the development of this new 4D Hosting website and to see it come together from some initial ideas I dreamt up in my head has certainly been a very enjoyable journey.

I have DJ’d at the Brixton O2 academy. I play a weekly show on a London radio station and produce music suited to the underground bass culture.

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Michael Yiapatos

Head of Connectivity and Networks

I design, upgrade and support 4D’s network infrastructure. I love the friendly and informal working environment and really enjoy getting involved with team projects and training other staff. I’ve been in IT for over 10 years and I strongly endorse the philosophy of, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.

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Anton Karatkevich

Network and Provisioning Engineer

Imported from Russia in 1999, I have been at 4D since 2011. I can honestly say I love my job and being part of the 4D team - it is a perfect geeky family with the elders teaching the righteous path and the young ones eager to learn! Before I joined I gained lots of certificates and diplomas in computing and other subjects and my knowledge has continued to grow. Day-to-day I enjoy answering people’s questions, helping customers and making sure they have the best solution.

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Network Engineer

I’m a big Star Wars’ fan. I have worked for 4D since 2010 and enjoy all aspects of networking, especially routing and switching. Yes, I’m a geek! I am currently studying for my Cisco CCNP certificate and already have my CCNA qualification. I help manage the network including new customer network setups. I hope you like 4D Hosting’s new colourful look!

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Support Team


Support Team Leader

I’m the crazy geeky guy! Something about me: I was brought up in Derbyshire, left college and joined the RAF as a weapon systems operator. I have to admit…I love hosting. Alongside Piotr, I’ve been redesigning the hosting platform for 4D.

Truth be told, I am a bit of a gamer and love computer games in my spare time. I also enjoy letting off steam going paintballing with my mates and watching Manchester United play!

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2nd Line Support Engineer

I’m a 2nd line member of the support team. I studied Computer Science at Bristol and have had several other IT jobs in the past including being a field engineer for home and small businesses, IT support at Heathrow Airport, and also a stint as a games tester!

Away from work I have created my own game from scratch and released it to the Google Play Store, and I am a keen poker player, having recently played a tournament on the pitch at Wembley Stadium.


1st Line Support Engineer

I have been with 4D since 2012 and have worked in IT for almost 5 years now. I have a real thirst for knowledge, am always learning and have certificates with Microsoft and comp TIA. I love solving issues and helping people, whether this is at 4D or at home.


Alex Webb

Senior Account Manager

With a great team to work with and lots of enquiries I am always busy in the sales department. Having studied photography I am a keen photographer and love being creative. I am a bit of a foodie and love nothing else than cooking up a storm, especially when there is a feast to eat afterwards. When I am not in the kitchen or showing clients around the 4D’s data centres you will find me swimming – the best way to chill out and get some great exercise.

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