The Data Centre

It’s ours!

Unlike many webhosting companies, who are either resellers or provide hosting via a rented VPS, we own our data centre. This means any support tickets or issues raised go straight to the people who can help, rather than a middle man calling a helpdesk.

It’s resilient!

Our data centre has multiple network connections from multiple providers via diverse routes. We have five huge UPSs and two powerful generators looking after everything. We’re ready for long term power cuts, floods and contractors digging up the roads.

Our hosting platform is also highly available with no single points of failure, keeping your website or VPS online for longer.

It’s Green!

Our data centre is cooled using evaporative cooling technology. This saves us a fortune on electricity bills. These are savings we can put towards a strong hosting platform and provide the best quality services at the best price for you!

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