Cloud vs Co-location - Individuals

Posted by Steve on July 09, 2014


Running a company as a single individual has advantages and disadvantages. You only pay for your costs and the costs of your workspace, but you need to run and support your own workspace.

Outsourcing this task to a data centre gives you more time to focus on earning money, taking less time to look after equipment. It also saves space if you are home based and cannot fit a server room in your house (not to mention the power bill for powering and cooling it).

You have two options for this outsourcing: co-location and Cloud.


If you already have some servers to co-locate, the cheapest option until hardware refresh would be to co-locate them in a data centre. Power and cooling costs are covered in the monthly bill and onsite engineers can provide remote support if required.

If you haven’t already purchased your hardware, this option will likely not be financially viable for most individuals. In this case, Cloud would be a suitable solution.


If you are starting your own company as an individual, Cloud enables you to get up and running quickly (same day), without the capital investment. Cloud is usually paid for monthly, helping you spread the cost through the year.

Cloud is also quickly and easily scalable without downtime, maintaining stability while your company gets up to speed.


As an individual starting out with some existing hardware, co-location would be the most effective use of your existing resource, with the attached cost savings.

As an individual starting out without any hardware, Cloud would be a more suitable option.

About the Author: This article was writen by Stephen Millinger, Technical pre-sales engineer.

Stephen joined 4D with 9 years of IT experience, having started his IT career fixing PCs and printers. Since then he has worked as a configuration engineer and a technical consultant, managing implementation support and upgrade of databases, software and servers (both physical and virtual). Outside of work he plays lead guitar for local Ska band “&friends” and volunteers as a sound technician at his local theatre.

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